Today’s cancer research is at the boundary of making great leaps forward and it is this research that can make the biggest difference in peoples lives. New methods for early detection and better treatment are crucial in stopping this obscure monster which kills and affects so many lives in our modern times.

This is a goal to which we want to commit every km that we will cycle on our road from Belgium to Japan. We have chosen to raise money for a specific research group led by Dr. Johan Swinnen, fellow adventurer, and the vice-chair of the Leuvens cancer research institute.

Research matters and can really make a difference.

Why do we want to do this? Because both of us have lost loved ones to cancer. Maarten lost his mom and uncle to lung cancer and I have lost my grandparents & one of my best friends in the prime of his life in 2016 to bone cancer. I made a promise to him to go through with this crazy idea to cycle to Japan and enjoy every second of it, but I also wanted to give an extra depth to this trip. I strongly believe that putting ideas into action, no matter how small the contribution, is better than doing nothing at all.

Everyone can make a difference and that is why we ask you to support us in raising money! How can you do this? There are three 3 options to make a donation:

  1. A voluntary gift: you choose the amount.
  2. You can sponsor per km we will effectively cycle.
  3. Your sponsor whenever we hit another milestone (e.g. hit the 5000 km, reach our end goal Japan, …)

How to make the donation

  • Account: BE45 7340 1941 7789
  • Structural code: 400/0015/71944 (Please use this otherwise we can’t link it to our project cycling4happiness and we can’t thank you for your donation)

Please note that you are entitled to a tax reduction of 45% of the amount of your gift if your donation is 40 euro or more. You can get a Fiscal Attestation from the KU Leuven.